These are exciting times in the energy sector. Our more than 100-year-old energy system is changing with the speed of light.

New paradigms replace old ones, technology and financial innovations conquer the market place and unexpected players appear alongside traditional energy companies. Private investors are driving decentralization in developed and developing markets alike and smart renewable energy systems offer practical and affordable solutions for the energy poor in rural areas of the developing world.

Renewable energy systems are cornerstones in the decarbonization of our economies and are indispensable in our fight against climate chaos.

Behind this momentum of transformational change are people. Visionary politicians that implement policies to advance a sustainable energy agenda, professors that drive innovations through research and development, ordinary people that install a solar panel on their house, venture capitalists that invest in the renewable energy space, bankers that lend to sustainable energy projects and businesses and business leaders that steer their companies towards a profitable sustainable energy future.

… And my role


I built my first wind pump in Africa in 1990 and experienced first hand the impact sustainable energy can have on people’s lives. Twenty years on my passion for the business led me to take a lead role in the development of the London Array offshore wind farm, at 630 MW the largest wind farm in the world.

I have built and managed factories in Europe and Asia, sold solar systems, managed investment funds, and developed, financed and built several billion dollars worth of renewable energy projects all over the world. As Deputy Director-General at IRENA, the youngest and fastest growing intergovernmental organization, I have been in charge of a 350 million dollar fund investing in projects in developing countries.

I have vision, passion, drive and the commercial sense to inspire both colleagues and shareholders to continue to make sustainable energy the way forward.

I am an author, and a regular speaker at international events and conferences.

For more about what I can do for your organisation, go here. For interviews in the media, go here. For articles in publications, go here. And for my career history so far, kindly go here.

2 thoughts on “These are exciting times in the energy sector. Our more than 100-year-old energy system is changing with the speed of light.

  1. Dear Frank, Great to see you’re progressing in such an inspiring way. Many Thanks vor your continuous support of the replacement of energy dinosaur systems by smart technology PV systems. May more stakeholders be blessed with your knowledge and enthusiasm. All the best, Claas


  2. Hello Frank,
    How are you doing. What great work you have to make the world more sustainable in CO2, energy and water.
    We can help you achieve the goal.
    At work. :
    India’s largest company, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), made a big impression last week when it announced plans to become a decarbonise by 2035.

    I do 4 things, first info:
    1. Project of HaHe RND, WasteGone processes waste streams without CO2, particulate matter and odour.

    Greeting Herman


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